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Development Operations

A simple configuration error can be catastrophic, especially if it is security related.  To reduce the likelihood of human error, we write computer programs to set and maintain configuration across all the systems we support.  For example, instead of configuring Office 365 via a web browser, we define configuration using code.  This makes it is easy to deploy updates quickly and ensures consistency across all systems we support.  The code also provides natural documentation describing how your systems are configured.  This approach is called Development Operations, or DevOps for short.

If your organisation has nominated a Tech Lead, we will mentor and provide training on basic DevOps, for example setting up a GitHub account, accessing the repos that maintain your infrastructure, and basic coding skills in PowerShell, Python and Bash.


Instructions for Tech Lead

Standard organisations

If you are the Tech Lead for your organisation and want to participate in development operations, you will need a GitHub account:

  1. Go to GitHub and create an account for yourself.  As the GitHub account belongs to you, you should use your personal email address.  However, you can use your organisation's email address if you prefer to keep things seperate.

  2. Ensure you have enabled 2FA on the account.  We recommend using Authy for OTPs, or using a FIDO2 security key,

  3. Let your ICT9 mentor know your GitHub username and he/she will invite you to join your organisation's repositories.

Enhanced security organisations

If your organisation works with classified information, your ICT9 mentor will grant you access to GitHub using your Microsoft Azure credentials via SSO.

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