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Admin centres

Items marked * are available for all users.

Microsoft 365 Admin
Main page for Microsoft 365 Administration. Manage common tasks and launch specific admin panels from here.
Microsoft Azure
Manage Azure services such as Desktop Analaytics Workspace.
Microsoft Azure Active Directory
Manage Azure Active Directory.
Microsoft Delve*
Change your profile picture
Microsoft Endpoint Manager
Manage Windows 10, Android and Apple devices. Set configuration profiles, compliance policies and conditional access. Configure Autopilot.
Microsoft Exchange Admin Center
Manage Email.
Microsoft My Account*
Manage sign-in methods for Microsoft services including Authenticator, SMS, Email and FIDO2 Keys. View and disable your devices. Change your password.
Microsoft Office 365 Portal*
Launch online versions of Office apps or access your email and data online.
Microsoft Teams Admin Center
Manage Microsoft Teams configuration.
Access personal portal or administration console.
Perimeter 81 Admin
Manage Perimeter 81 VPN
Zoho Assist (End user)
Zoho Assist - End user help request
Zoho Assist (Technician)*
Zoho Assist - Technician Console.
Zoho Vault
Access your Zoho Vault.

Enable FIDO2 Secure Key Authentication

To enable authentication via Security Key for your tenancy, go to Azure Active Directory > Security > Authentication Methods > FIDO2 Security Key.

To enable Windows 10 devices to accept login via Security Key, go to Endpoint Manager > Devices > Enroll Devices > Windows Hello for Business > Use Security Keys For Sign In.

To register a Security Key, go to My Account > Security Info > Add Method > Security Key.

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