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Perimeter 81

What is Perimeter 81 and why do we need it?


Under the old model, your office network was protected and there was a clear network boundary.  Everything within that boundary was protected by a firewall and trusted.  Everything outside the boundary was considered untrusted.

Remote Desktop extended access to your data beyond the network boundary by providing remote access to a PC or server located within the boundary.  Access to the remote desktop was restricted by a combination of password and connecting location.

The modern workplace removes the concept of a secure network boundary.  This is called a "Zero Trust Network".  Access to company data is granted on approved devices that meet compliance policies.  This functionality is included with Microsoft 365 and delivered via Windows Hello for Business, OneDrive and Azure AD Conditional Access.  This provides many benefits:

  • Improved overall security - every access to data requires Multi Factor Authentication.

  • Improved user experience - no need to remember or enter passwords.

  • Improved remote working - work from any approved device and location that meets compliance policies.

Exceeding Cyber Essentials

For basic organisations that want to meet Cyber Essentials, the Microsoft-only solution is sufficient.  However, Perimeter 81 is required:

  1. When direct network line-of-sight is required for legacy services that do not offer modern Cloud access with Single Sign on.

  2. When an organisation wants additional privacy and security for their staff, for example to avoid DNS spoofing or monitoring on untrusted Public Wi-Fi.

  3. When an organisation that has two seperate firewalls from two seperate vendors to protect their boudary wants to extend dual-vendor protection to their host based firewalls.

Why Perimeter 81?

Forrester New Wave Leader 2021.png

ICT9 have evaluated several managed VPN solutions and recommend Perimeter 81 for the following reasons:

  • Elegant, intuitive User Interface with attention to detail. This makes it easy to provide training and support for organisations with a Tech Lead that are learning to manage their own VPN.

  • Two UK Points of Presence provide low latency and redundancy for our UK organisations.

  • Supports the MSP model, which means we can easily provide support for our clients.

  • Competitive billing based on up to 5 devices per subscriber.

  • Perimeter 81's posture checks compliment and extend Microsoft's conditional access.

  • Good customer service - on all occasions our support requests have been answered within a few minutes.  This supports our directive to ensure organisations are less reliant on their MSP.  We are confident that high quality support would be available from Perimeter 81 in the event of needing to change MSP or move to in-house management.

  • Unobtrusive end-user client with centralised lock-down of key controls.

  • Supports Single-Sign on as standard, so fully integrates with Azure Active Directory for password-less authentication.

  • Good reputation, for example has recently been awarded a leader in Zero Trust Network Access by Forrester.

  • Designed specifically to comply with HIPPA, SOC 2 Type2 and GDPR.

  • Perimeter 81 is ISO 27001 certified.

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